OpenSuSe Not!!!

July 3, 2008

OpenSuSe 11.0

I’m a distrowhore. Not as much as I used to be before I started working for RGIS again a year ago in February. Nowaways, I ain’t got time to mess around or even fart around. Since 2000, I think I’ve farted around with over 100 different distro releases. I’ve even run Yellow Dog, Mandrake, and Slackintosh on an iBook.

Because I’ve not tried anything SuSe flavored since before Novell gobbled it up, I decided since this was a slow week at RGIS to give the KDE 4 version of OpenSuSe 11.0 a try.

Alas, I wasn’t very impressed. I found it hard to use and counter-intuitive. But it did look great. Others have dissected OpenSuSe 11 in a much more technical matter than I. This is the punter’s eye view.


Unlike any other distro that I have used, I couldn’t figure out how to change from the wired NIC to the wireless NIC. I could get the wireless NIC to work with ndiswrapper but I could not switch from eth0 to wlan0 with the KDE Network Manager applet. Yes, I know how to do that from a shell. If I wanted to do command line, I would still be using Slackware. I’m a lazy sod.


I could grow to like it. My favie windows manager right now is e17 on Elive Debian. But the box the Lovely Lettuce uses runs KDE 3.5 and PCLinuxOS. Historically, I tended to prefer KDE over Gnome (I like the endless config options) even though I tend to like Gnome apps better.

KDE 4 feels like a new desktop in KDE drag. Even if it looks the same, it just doesn’t feel right. But then I think of the difference between e16 and e17, for all practical purposes the only thing that is the same is the name.

I like change or I wouldn’t be farting with 10 different distros on one box.


For legal reasons, OpenSuSe doesn’t include much multimedia support. One can d/l such stuff from OpenSuSe repositories once the distro is installed if one clever enough.


OpenSuSe 11.0 isn’t the distro for me. But I’m weird. I strongly suspect, nay, I know, that i am not the target audience for the distro.