opensuse e17 and SOAD updates

July 26, 2008


I’m still farting around with the opensuse e17.  I’ve discovered that the x-cursor is present but invisible on the entrance login.  I’ve tried changing themes.  No luck.  And I’ve also substituted the x-cursor for the e-cursor.  Again with no luck.  If memory serves, these e17 packages were built in a gnome environment so perhaps the KDE-ness of my original install might be the problem.


I finally got around to burning a copy of the SOAD iso.  No luck.  It just won’t successfully boot into any mode text or gui.  I checked the md5 sum and it was ok.  I even burned another copy just in case the cd-r was defective but no luck.   It either hangs or seg faults or both.  I was looking forward to farting around with it.  But, alas, no.