Knoxville Church Shooting

I used to live in Knoxville, TN before I moved back north to the Rust Belt. Yesterday I was watching CNN while washing dishes and I saw a tease for a story about the church shooting in Tennessee and my jaw dropped. From what I could see it looked like a church in Knoxville that friends and acquaintances attended. When CNN came back from the break, I was shocked and dismayed to find out that it was the church I thought it was. As near as I can tell no one that I know directly was injured or even there Sunday morning.

The shooting was during a youth performance of the musical “Annie”.  Those poor kids.  Those poor adults.   What a sad, sad situation.  I hope everyone can work through the trauma and the pain of this horrendous experience.

One Response to Knoxville Church Shooting

  1. mylucidkarma says:

    It amazes me that he gets his nose out of joint because a church opens it doors to the community, but he was fine being a person who made his living avoided work letting tax dollars support him because he couldn’t put down his beer can. And… because of that support he had the time to get his buzz and premeditate a mass murder.

    I’m not religious so I didn’t discuss this topic at my place and this was the first blog I saw that referenced it today and I had been keeping an eye out for it, that surprises me. Sometimes it’s such a sick world maybe people are becoming immune to it.

    My jaw dropped this morning too. I am glad your friends are safe.

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