My Mom’s 69th Birthday

August 25, 2008

Today is the my mom’s 69th birthday. Unfortunately, she is not alive to celebrate it. She died of lung cancer surgery complications in October 1999.

My mom circa 1970

As far as I know she was only in the Buffalo area once when she visited Niagara Falls in 1970.

My mom visiting the Falls in 1970

My mom visiting the Falls in 1970

Throughout her life, people often underestimated her age. When I was growing up, many thought that she was my sister because she looked way too young (at least to their eyes) to be my mom.

My mom and me at a reception in May 1974

It surprises me that I still miss her as much as I do almost 9 years after she died. Even though all those years have have passed, some days it feels like she been gone from my life for days and not months and years.

Rest in Peace, Bozena Krystyna.

One of my favortie photos of me and my mom

One of my favorite photos of me and my mom