Lobsters Gorilla

Everything Sound Better Faster e.p./Lobsters Gorilla

Once upon a time in another century, I was a in a band called Lobsters Gorilla. We formed at the University of Detroit. The other original members and I all lived at the end of a corridor at the Holden Hall?? dorm. Bobby Lent, guitar and vocals was from the Bronx. John Sase, a talented multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Detroit, played drums. I sang, wrote most of the songs, and played bass. In his other bands, John usually played bass.

In the short period that we existed (1978 – 1981) we had a few line up changes but the core was always Bobby, John and me. I never really wanted to be the singer. I wanted to write the songs and have someone else sing them. At one point, Dangerous Diane Spodarek of Dangerous Diane and Detroit Artists Monthly fame was the singer. Kevin Zielinski, the brother of one of my classmates, was our “boy singer” for a while. At another point, we had another drummer (Jimmy??) whose name escapes me with John playing bass and me playing assistant guitar.

We played a lot at the Freezer Theatre in the Cass Corridor. For some reason, the folks at Plum Street Music have two Lobsters Gorilla songs available for download: Blue Light and Rich Suburban Girl.

The Plum Street Music website features the music of many Detroit artists including John Sase..

3 Responses to Lobsters Gorilla

  1. dangerousdiane says:

    i remember

    “…..in the dark it will be a lark
    in the night it will be alright
    ‘cuz no one can feel …our paaaaaain
    i have one scanned lobsters gorilla photo; contact me and i’ll send it to you

  2. kevinz4444 says:

    Hey Walt, the Internet is indeed amazing — to locate someone and reminisce of wonderful times after so long. I hope you are doing great. Thanks for the reference in your note on Lobsters Gorilla — it was my 15 minutes of “fame” though it was often to only 10 to 30 people so fame is in quotes. I had a great time with you guys, and only wish I could have sang louder, better and faster (since everything sounds better faster, right?)!

  3. leprechaun78 says:

    Hey Walt: Your band was great!

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