Hours Worse Than RGIS!!!!!

October 4, 2008

Egads!!! I always thought that the hours I work at RGIS were some of the crappiest outside of job like crab fishing a la the Deadliest Catch. But the Lovely Lettuce has discovered hours worse than mine at the Western New York Developmental Disabilities Service Office(DDSO).

If I understand correctly the units at the DDSO have staffing requirements based on the individuals’ treatment plans. By law, the “mandated” staff/individual ratio has to be met for every shift. If one of the staff calls in sick and no one else can be found to replace the staff person who called in sick, one of the currently working staff is required by law (“mandated”) to continue working until another staff person shows up for work.

And that’s what happened to the Lovely Lettuce. She was working a 3 pm to 11 pm shift when she was “mandated” to work another 8 hour shift until 7 am. This wouldn’t be that bad except for one thing: Lettuce has to work another 3 pm to 11 pm shift tomorrow (Sunday).

This is the second weekend in a row that the Lovely Lettuce had to work a double. Last week it wasn’t as bad (and she had advance warning because she was a volunteer) – She worked 8 hours (3 to 11) on Saturday and a double (7 am to 11 pm) on Sunday.

We RGISians work all sorts of crappy hours but we very rarely work 16 hours in a row. But I must admit that years ago working out of Knoxville, TN, if memory serves, I was in a Walmart (emergency after a fire) inventory that lasts almost 18 hours. And 8 to 12 hour inventories aren’t unheard of.