Nothing But the Truth

For my birthday, the Boss Mom and the Boss Dad (the lovely Lettuce’s parents) gave me an Ion usb turntable.  We haven’t had a working turntable in the house since around the time we moved to Buffalo.  The plan is to digitalise the 800 or so l.p.’s we have. And in case anyone was wondering, the turntable is plug and play in Linux

Tonight I rediscovered one of my favie albums – “Nothing But the Truth” by  Ruben Blades. Although Blades is mostly known for his Spanish language music (mostly Afro-Cuban and jazz),
this album was in English and more rock-oriented.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think I became aware of “Nothing But the Truth” because of Lou Reed’s contributions to the album. He co-wrote and produced several songs. My favorite of the Blades/Reed songs is “Letters To the Vatican” with one of my favie Lou Reed lyrics “Dear Pope, send me some hope or a rope to do me in”

Oh, yeah, Elvis Costello is another of Blade’s songwriting partners.

4 Responses to Nothing But the Truth

  1. knowzy says:

    I’m very interested in your experience as a Linux user.

    I assume you’ll use Audacity for recording. But where do you go from there for tagging, cover art and converting to OGG or MP3?

    I’d love to get your Linux world perspective for my guide.

    Happy ripping!

    USB Turntable Guide

    • Walt Not Walt says:

      Exporting to OGG and MP3 has been available in the Linux version of Audacity for a number of years. However, for U.S. licensing reasons I assume, you have to install the LAME mp3 encoder to be able to export to mp3. I can’t say that I’ve given much thought to tagging, cover art, etc. yet. But I am aware of several apps/plugins that provide such stuff for some of the Linux audio players. Perhaps one of them may be useful in Audacity.

  2. knowzy says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest Audacity couldn’t go Ogg/MP3, though re-reading my comment, it sure does seem that way!

    I was more referring to tagging and album look up.

    With 800 albums to digitize, that’s a whole lot of typing if you enter each track title manually!

    Not to mention that Audacity’s tagging facilities are pretty basic- no multiple file tagging, no binary tags, limited fields, etc.

    I wish you good luck and I would love to pass on any good tips for Linux users.


    • Walt Not Walt says:

      Knowzy: In retrospect, it all seems obvious. After visiting your site, I know you didn’t mean to suggest that Audacity couldn’t do ogg/mp3.

      Yes, 800 plus albums is a lot of typing. Hopefully, I’ll figure something out. If memory serves, Audacity stores mp3 tags as text files. There might be some way (writing a script??) to fool it into using info from another source such as EasyTAG

      Right now, the digitalisation of my vinyl isn’t a priority, but I promise that I’ll keep you informed about my progress and that I’ll pass along any tips that might be useful to others.

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