Gone, Daddy, Gone

April 24, 2009

It seems that not everyone in our district is pleased with getting their pay cut.  A couple of 20 year veterans have quit.  I also suspect that I’m running an inventory because the teamleader scheduled for it quit.   He told me a couple of months that the next they cut his pay, he’s gone.  Perhaps I’m assuming facts not in evidence, but I don’t think so. Update:  apparently, I was assuming facts not in evidence

I’m not a very social person.  I’m a bit of a recluse.  So I reckon if I know about 3 2 people, there has to be more.

Another co-worker with about 30 years of experience told me that he isn’t quitting “because that is what they want him to do.”   He openly talked to me about monkeywrenching an inventory.  He said something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of us who got screwed fucked up an inventory like a Target to the point that it have to be redone and when they confront us about it, we just walk out.”  I would like to think that no one would do that.  But I certainly understand the desire to do so.