Born Yesterday

June 28, 2009

I was washing dishes this evening after channel-surfing to find something suitable to wash dishes by. I blundlered into Born Yesterday with Judy Holliday. Years ago, I had a girlfriend that looked nothing like Judy Holliday but smiled like her according to one of my friends who was a film buff.

Like many actors who effectively play “dumb”, Judy Holliday was very intelligent. She had a genius level I.Q.

The Best Veggie Burger in the World

June 28, 2009

I wrote about Motor City Withdrawal a while ago. Because I thought it was the Lovely Lettuce’s story to tell to tell, I held off blogging more about the best Veggie Burger in the World at Sweet Lorraines. We only ate at the original location on Greenfield in Southfield and we loved it every time.

I concur that it is the best veggie burger in the world that I have ever tasted. They also have the best veggie meat loaf in the world in my opinion. But, of course, the statistical sample on that is much smaller.