How Will I Get Screwed Today?

April 21, 2010

All too often that’s the thought that crosses my mind as I drive to work. Since the introduction of “Count or Die” as a member of an “unprotected” rating, I expect to be screwed over in work assignments especially in stores run by an area manager whom I’ll call X

For example, in my last two department stores that X supervised, I was assigned to fine jewelry. I stood on one side of the display case and scanned the bar codes that the store employee on the other side of the case presented to me. The store employee determines the pace. Now, some of you may be asking, how is that screwing you over? The answer is a simple one – two people can’t count as fast as one. I was being set up for failure.

In a store where a Specialist has to count around 650 pieces an hour, the fine jewelry counters are lucky to break 300. Counting regular merchandise on auto quantity, I easily attain an aph of 700 or 800 pieces an hour. Having me count fine jewelry not only screwed me but hurt the overall aph of the store since I was not allowed to count at full speed.

I’m not the only one that X has screwed over. X once put our fastest Top Gun on top stock* at a Big Lots. The Top Gun didn’t even reach the minimum for an auditor in that inventory. I’m told that this counter was no longer a Top Gun for a quarter because of bad aph results in stores run by X.

Because X is a nice person outside of work, I used to think that the worst case scenario was that X was incompetent but not evil. Now, I’m not so sure about that.

*top stock – merchandise on high shelves that has to be counted standing on a ladder