Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

April 30, 2010

Apologies to the RomanI and Cher fans everywhere

No one locally can tell me if Tops Friendly Markets count towards personal aph or not. Tops is one of the stores that made April the cruelest month for me. As an old school financial Top Gun, I relied on Tops to make up for all the times when I was forced to count crotchless panties at Victoria’s Secret for 14 hours without any breaks by Area Manager X.

Apparently, HQ didn’t bother to change the account name and number for Tops when Ahold sold it to Morgan-Stanley. But, in the better late than never category, HQ finally got around to changing the account name from “Ahold Tops” to “Tops Friendly Market.” Unfortunately for us inventory takers, the aph data base was not updated. Oppsy!! In the meantime, many of us got their hourly rate cut because of the mistake.

Now those of you who are familar with Oracle and databases might be thinking how hard can it be to update an entry in a database. Apparently it must be very hard because HQ has not been able to update the aph database for almost two months. One of the hardest working team leaders in our district recently asked me “why is it when RGIS screws up, it is never in our favor?”

My thinking is that HQ is incompetent for not realizing that databases need to be updated when account names are changed. And even more importantly, HQ is evil because they have chosen not to update the database for over two months. I would bet my life that when Tops is back in the personal aph database, HQ will not recalculate the aphs of those who were screwed over by the mistake. If the junkie down the street stole hundreds of dollars from me, he or she would go to jail after getting caught. When RGIS does the same thing, RGIS management might end up winning awards. I think that RGIS corporate management are no better than thieves. They are destroying the company by screwing over both their employees and their customers.

“Accuracy is our primary concern” is just a slogan. RGIS has never given awards for accuracy. Nowadays, our pay rate is not dependent on accuracy; the only thing that matters is speed. Our management doesn’t need us to be 100% accurate. We are to count as fast as we can and still be within the acceptable margin of error. Being fast and barely good enough is our primary concern.

Fortunately for RGIS, WIS or whatever Washington Inventory Service is calling itself these days is so bad that most of the time RGIS on a bad day is better than WIS on a good day. Maybe the company slogan should be “We suck less than the other guys!”