Screwed Again

This morning I had the misfortune to be at a Big Lots inventory run by Area Manager X. I was screwed again. Twice. There was also a Tops at the same time. I’m really good at financial inventories such as Tops. If I was at the Tops, I could easily reach and exceed the aph minimum for my current rating of Specialist. My usual aph at Tops on a bad day is right around Top Gun level even if I’m not one of the five who is protected. I’m less good at scan and count inventories like Big Lots.

But it really didn’t matter if I was good at scan and count inventories at all today. I was “chosen” by X to count the furniture. I worked one on one with a Big Lots employee and counted furniture one item at a time. It’s the down market equivalent of a fine jewelry at a department store.

According to the procedures, 500 was the target aph for the furniture count. I think after 3.5 hours of furniture, I was at 501. As a specialist, I was expected to have an aph of 1700. To reach this goal, I would have to count at 2900 pieces an hour for another 3.5 hours. Ironically enough, that this is the minimum aph for Top Guns at Big Lots. So in order to have an aph worthy of my current Specialist rating, I would have to count like a Top Gun.

Talk about being set up for failure. HQ thinks that 500 is a good aph for counting furniture. But my performance and pay is based on reaching an aph of 1700. It is impossible to count furniture at this store and have an aph of 1700. By choosing me to count furniture, X is ensuring that I will not reach my target aph.

Today, I had a breakthrough moment. If HQ and X want me to count 500 pieces an hour, that is exactly what I would do. There was no point of working my ass off to try to reach an unobtainable goal. I reckon if they want my aph to suck, well then, my aph will suck.

2 Responses to Screwed Again

  1. daspecialist says:

    Dude, how long have you been working for RGIS? Really? Do you not understand the fact that the stores combined APH for all specialists, no matter where they’re placed throughout the store, is 1700. Not just for you, but all the other specialists in the store. Yours personally is 500. And Big Lots is a Scan Financial store. You scan one like item, and count them all. They don’t have near as many UPC’s as any other store. Get your stories straight before going into the online world and crying to everyone. I work for RGIS, and I don’t care for some of the policies, but it’s easy enough to make APH. I’m almost to TG myself.

    • Walt Not Walt says:

      Daspecialist – I’ve worked for RGIS off and on since 1993. I’ve been a Top Gun. I’ve run stores as big as Big Lots. In the for what it’s worth department, I’m back to Expert.

      I’ve read the procedures for Big Lots. I’ve talked about the aph system in general and Big Lots in particular at some length with my area manager and my district manager.

      Think what you want. I stand by what I wrote.

      FYI, the company is full of inventory takers that are “almost to TG”. It’s a win-win for HQ. They get someone counting more or less at the top gun aph without having to pay for it. More productivity for less money! Pure profit for RGIS.

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