Poetry and Translations

Most Recent Poetry

A Dream of Loss

“this is my heart”

“what remained of”


Translations from Nowe Psalmy by Tadeusz Nowak

Psalm of Garbage Dumps

Psalm Without Fault

Psalm About a Severed Head

Psalm About Laughter

Psalm Pastorial

Psalm of Mercy

Psalm I Don’t Know

Psalm About the Road

Psalm about Hunger

New York Poems

Cross Bronx

Before the Angels Come

Am Not But Am

Coney Island Maybe

None of Them Knew the Color of the Sky

East Village Poetry


To L. With Apologies

“yes, i was there”

Graffitti Man Falls Down

Sundry Translations from the Polish

By C.K. Norwid


Puppet Men

By Tadeusz Rozewicz

This Wall

By Boguslaw Kierc

“i can’t remember when”


By Josef Gielo

To the Rescue

A Hand Full of Doubt

By Anna Bernat

“we bring ourselves sand”


Detroit Poems


The First Polish Cosmnaut

“there is a strength in not-doing”

In the Manner of the Middle Kingdom

Pissing Poetry


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