Numbers by Boguslaw Kierc

I’m lying when I admit to lies I cheat
my own conscience although really
I don’t know if I am allowed
to call something my own
that is nothing
love even when love
possessed is not my own
an owner
or so deep
a mine
next door buzzing or dulcimer
sounding as if a virtuoso
was playing it
his playing a game
of numbers
sixs out of nines or a two
out of a seven I betray a special character
of writing in which a seven is inverted
two are even other combinations of moons
numbers not assigned
love do not care
about the players therefore I could be wrong
I believe that it is a wondrous
child a high school student shown by
the conscience of a teacher
that gave her
a wondrous child
felt itself a prospective bride
a mine infected with a magical disease
of her master now she doesn’t know if
she is allowed to call someone hers
that himself is nothing
love even when love
possessed is his
property owner or characteristic
that has pulled
from me a boundary that believes
in the healing force of that foundation
or watches me
to forgive me

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