Psalm about Hunger by Tadeusz Nowak

Invite us table invite us
spoon and chipped bowl
hungers walk behind us
hungers eat everything
Invite us dog to share your bone
invite us mice to share your grain
within us intestinal millstones
work incessantly

Invite us white moon
invite us sunny host
before the holy gates
are closed on the Creator three times
before a blue body removes itself
from a coagulated fig-tree
blood is transformed into wine
bone is smelted into tin

Invite us soul of grass
of marrow of pulp and of rust
a predatory falcon floats
from our hands into the spirit of the body
a church-like silence
wheel after wheel rolls
and the falcon tears at holy relics
and the saints’ sweet eyes

Invite us sagging sail
spring sucked out of oxygen
our hungers slowly
take root in charred ferns
in chalk that fell out
of a long ago amputated hand
that itself with a scythe
to relieve our harvest hunger

Invite us black hunger
and invite us white hunger
from an eaten-out sun
and from pecked out stone
Only don’t invite us
before your favor
pierces us five times
potential hunger is within us

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