Psalm of Garbage Dumps by Tadeusz Nowak

hope faith philosophy
taken out to a garbage dump soaked
in gasoline for a better-burning holocaust
hope faith philosophy
covered with slake-lime
so that the infection will not spread

hope faith philosophy
listed in books placed
by a dirt road traveled by
an old woman a goat a bull
and time like a mongrel traps them
leave a shackled corpse in the sand

hope faith philosophy
where a drowning man clutches at straws
there a peasant rides into the dawn bare-back
there god exists fell from three nails
eats the raw liver of a lamb
there the grains of tomorrow spill
in a library cut and shred

hope faith philosophy
dumped into flesh rivers rubble
shit carted out to ripe fields
fastened with nails to an outhouse
a book of sorts because of them
the big dipper is just above the orchard

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