“what remained of”

what remained of
a moment of great transcendent beauty

his thoughts dancing in the glare of the sun
the white water flowing

the gentle rise of the green hills
the blueness of the stillness
almost black in the shadows

he could see his future
in the deepness of the pool
somehow it all made sense
somehow the pain didn’t matter
somehow somehow
yes he thought this is
something that can be easily done

he was at peace
a deer dancing
around a broken mirror
not knowing not caring
what happens next

heaven was
torn apart
by an acorn
as it fell
into the stillness
of the pool
the future lost in the ripples
neither knowing
nor caring
yet continuing to nothingness

he sighed
the moment gone
only the ugliness remained

it was the cruelest hoax
you should have killed me
before i was allowed to love

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