“yes i was there”

yes i was there
i heard that hollow empty moaning
i saw that needle reaching for the sky
dreams parachuting to the boardwalk
and then the wire snapped

jim don’t need t’ride no more
janie said
yes i was there
i held her in my arms
she was shivering and sobbing
in the heat

i remember the salty taste of her tears
and the boardwalk turned red
and jim turned blue

janie screamed
and scratched at her veins
i just stood there
hungry for something
eyes glazed over like donuts

after the cops left
after the sun went the way
of the screaming children

janie just stared at the needle
and mumbled
jim and me we use t’ride together

yes i was there
i held her hand
and wiped away the tears
i might as well had tried
to sweep back the ocean

janie dragged me
to the edge of the pier
and jumped
as i watched her drown
i thought to myself
janie don’t need t’ride
the needle no more

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